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I would like to say that I'm in LOVE with my orthotics!  I love them! Ever since the last email I sent you, they have worked perfectly.  I would like to thank you a lot for taking the time to work with me and helping me be injury free!  -- Jordan H.

Shelley, I wanted to let you know that the orthotics have been working out very nicely.  I ran about 20 miles a week for the past two weeks and am pretty much pain free.  i think its a combination of the orthotics, stretching and rolling.  I ran the Wheaton 10K today (6/6/09) in 54:33 which is a PB.  So far, I am very happy that I invested in these and would recommend you to any runner who has pain issues.  I have told a couple of runners that I know about you.  See you at the half marathon in September.   -- Mike O.

I wanted to say thanks so much for helping solve my ankle problem with orthotics!  Those were magic and have had no problems since.  I ran a lot for cross country and had no problems and without that the season wouldn't have gone nearly as good.  I probably wouldn't have made it through it all.  We made it State and got 3rd which was really exciting and we almost won and any other year we would of.  I got 14th, getting All State and thanks to you that happened." -- Kevin M.

"Once in a land far far away, I was almost crippled with the pain that I continually brought upon myself thru running senselessly down the steep hills of St Charles. 

My name is Mike, a 30 mile a week running addict, who believes that at this time in my lifecycle, I should be pain free from running.  I have been fighting through constant knee pain, occasional IT Band pain, a previous Sartorius muscle issue, and overall frustration of not running well.

I will always be grateful for Shelley, who rescued me from these pains, thru examining my foot mechanics and fitting me with orthotics.  She studied my gait, running motion and body mechanics to determine the optimal correction to eliminate my daily soreness and anguish.

At first I was skeptical on how this would help me.  Desperate to run the Milwaukee marathon, I ended up using a shoe company called Newton.  These Newton’s gave me only temporary relief.  Unfortunately, I was in pain again after six weeks of using the Newton’s. 

Now I have an extra bounce in my step as I am free of pain after only three weeks of use of the new orthotics.  Now I can look forward to many more years and more miles of running pain free.  I am looking forward to seeing if I can up my mileage and continue to be pain free.

Thanks Foot Mechanics!!!!"      - Mike S.

"As a high school cross country coach, I am always concerned about keeping my runners healthy, so that they can train consistently.  Shelley Simmering's work with our team this fall has been an invaluable benefit toward achieving this goal.  Shelley evaluated the biomechanics of our runners, identified probelm areas, and was able to provide short-term relief and long-term solutions.  Within a few weeks, runners with chronic injuries were back to a regular training routine and enjoying their running.  Thank you!"    - Al E.

"After six months of running in my orthotics, I am pleased to say that I am free of foot pain!  Shelley Simmering of Foot Mechanics was professional and knowledgable in examining and analyzing my gait.  Shelley took the time to thouroughly examine my feet, analyze my gait, fit my orthotics and get me in the proper running shoe.  Her professional knowlegde along with her personal experience with running enhanced my decision to purchase Foot Mechanics orthotics.  Thank you Shelley for getting me back on the road!"    - Cheryl R.

"I would highly recommend Shelley for orthotics. I have had multiple feet problems and have had many orthotics made over the years.  Shelley is the first person who took the time to get a complete history and exam on my feet.  She also took the time video my run and bike so that I could see where I had problems. She has continued to work with me to perfect my orthotics so that I am able to run again without the pain I had before.  She's truely dedicated to helping athletes achieve their goals."  - Janine S.

"Shelley is very knowledgeable and truly strives to make her customer happy.  She thoroughly watched me run and walk in order to discover the mechanics of how my body works so that she could make an orthotic that meets my specific needs.  Shelley was interested in assisting in whatever ways possible and helped me to understand the importance of keeping my feet in good shape.  Comfort, function and overall satisfaction are her main concerns.  I am very happy with my orthotics, Shelley's recommendations, and her advice."   - Lindsey D.

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"For anyone who has suffered through foot, ankle, knee or hip pain, this is time and money well spent. Over my years of running, I was plagued with hip and shin issues. My treatments from orthopaedics and PT was always to rest and address the immediate symptoms, not the cause. Shelley took the time to analyze my gait and foot strike in order to diagnose the root of my issue. I have not missed a training day since."        -Sue D.

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