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Testimonials - Continued

I would like to begin by first thanking Shelley for performing a miracle on my feet. She made a commitment from the first appointment to correct my issues no matter how long it took.  She noted there may be some trials to go through but she would make my feet perform the way they are suppose to. I have since contacted the Discovery Channel and it is possible they may be investigating this story. See my story below:


I was in my third full year for competing in triathlons.  For the first year and a half  I had no issues as I was doing sprints and Olympic distances.  My issues started as I decided to do half IM and full IM distances which increased my running and biking distances.


After approximately 10-12 miles of running, all my toes would go numb and then the balls of my feet would be in severe pain, to the point I could not take another step.  I would have to stop, take my shoes off and massage my feet for a few minutes and then I could return to running for approximately 5 more miles before the pain would come back.  When biking, the same issues came about at approximately 30 miles and then thereafter at about every 15 miles if I continued on.  So, if I was biking 100 miles that day, I was stopping at mile 30, then at mile 45, 60, 75, 90 and so on.   The pain was so intense on the bike that I could not push the pedals.


I had seen several people in the shoe industry that had lots of experience in fitting shoes for runners and bikers.  I also had tried their suggestions for various types of shoe inserts.  Some of these things helped by gaining me a few more miles temporarily but never corrected my issue and I eventually lost those extra miles over time as the shoe or inserts were broken in.


Now, comes Shelley……..  After completing the visual and  video analysis of my running and biking, Shelley was convinced she could correct my issues.  I was fitted for orthodics for my running and biking shoes.  She also helped me select the proper type of shoes as well.  In addition, her video analysis showed me some flaws in my running and biking form which I could now work on to correct my posture and technique to help me improve my times.


Even though Shelley wanted me to slowly work up to longer distances with my orthodics,  I needed to test them out and ran a 15.5 mile run immediately with no issues.  I couldn’t wait to test out the bike shoe orthodics.  I had some 100 + mile rides planned and they did not go well.  I was still getting the numb toes and pain at mile 30 and then every 12-15 miles there after. We tried a different type of bike shoe with more support but that only helped a little. We then tried some extra supports within my bike shoes with some improvement but still not fully correcting the issue.  Shelley decided to check out my video again and called to inform me she was convinced it was in my bike fit.  I met her at a local bike shop while the bike fitter and she tweaked my cleats, seat and handlebar positions.  Nothing was for sure at that time other than they both agreed these adjustments should help me for my IM which was in a few days.  I didn’t have time to test it prior, so IM was the test.

Iron Man came and I only had to make one stop on my bike at approximately mile 85 for two minutes because I had one toe (instead of 10) numb with pain.   I had no issues for the 26 mile run and had a great day. That day was nothing but success!


Shelley had made a commitment to solve my issue no matter how long it took.  Keep in mind that there was no additional cost for any of the additional visits.  If I have an issue in 2008, Shelley told me to come in for some additional tweaking until I’m 100% satisfied. 

Thanks again,

Tom R.


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"For anyone who has suffered through foot, ankle, knee or hip pain, this is time and money well spent. Over my years of running, I was plagued with hip and shin issues. My treatments from orthopaedics and PT was always to rest and address the immediate symptoms, not the cause. Shelley took the time to analyze my gait and foot strike in order to diagnose the root of my issue. I have not missed a training day since."        -Sue D.

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