At Foot Mechanics, we are dedicated to the care and comfort of the athlete’s foot. We believe that an analysis of the biomechanics of the foot as related to the biomechanics of the entire body is the key to injury prevention and treatment. We consider our organization an integral part of the medical team treating an athlete and often work in conjunction with the patient’s physical therapist, physician, chiropractor, orthopedic doctor, podiatrist, and/or personal trainer. For each individual athlete, we provide the following:

  • Thorough historical intake re: training, injury and shoes
  • Comprehensive lower limb exam
  • Gait analysis, video- taped
  • Shoe recommendation and modifications
  • Functional foot orthoses with a physician’s order or prescription
  • Follow-up evaluations to determine continued success of pedorthic devices
  • Refurbishment of orthoses to maintain original correction and padding
  • Ongoing dialogue with health care team