FOOT MECHANICS, A pedorthic organization devoted to the study and analysis of the biomechanics of the foot and its relationship to the biomechanics of the entire body. A thorough understanding of an individual’s biomechanics as they relate to the foot is required for successful prevention, treatment and follow-up of any bodily injury or condition. FootMechanics works primarily with athletes.

PEDORTHIST. A pedorthist is a foot care specialist, trained specifically in gait analysis, shoe fitting, foot orthoses, custom shoes, wound care and lab fabrication. A pedorthist is trained to recognize conditions indicating a medical condition that can be treated by a physician and can address medical conditions requiring a pedorthic device pursuant to a physician’s order or prescription. The pedorthist is often a front line member of the foot care team that catches foot pathology early, while conservative measures can still be taken and before the condition becomes debilitating or limb threatening. A pedorthist follows the patient closely to determine the success of all prescribed and applied modalities, reporting regularly to the entire medical team. Each state has its own licensing requirements.

BOARD CERTIFICATION AND LICENSURE. FootMechanics employs only board certified and licensed pedorthists. A pedorthist becomes certified or a Cped only after successfully completing the education and examination required by the BCP. A pedorthist becomes licensed only upon completion of an internship within a BCP certified pedorthic facility. Some individuals claim the title of pedorthist but until competency is established by the BCP, the title of Cped cannot be used.


Shelley Simmering, Cped